Let’s Get Physical

I am in week 5 of the High Intensity Metabolic Training.  HIM, from here on out.  This is the most intense hour!  We’ve reached the level where we get little to no rest and are upping the difficulty at the same time.

First of all, I want to say what an amazing group of women we are!  Ages ranging from me (I just realized I’m the baby!) nearly 30-nearly 50.  And we all rock it out!

After warm-up, we went straight into our first sequence.  24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 split jumps and then 12 squat jumps.  We did that sequence 3 times without stopping.  I’m thinking it took us 7 minutes or so–but I’m not sure.  Those last squat jumps burned so badly but I just set my jaw and decided I was going to push through all the messages in my brain telling me to STOP!  I was so proud of myself for busting the last little bit as hard as I could.

With only a 2 minute break (which felt like 30 seconds), we went into a circuit.  There were five stations:  walking push-ups, rows on the TRX, ball slams against the gym wall, wall pushs and lateral squat jumps (I think they are called this–squatting and jumping around 180 degrees, as fast as possible).  It was 50 seconds on, 10 seconds to get to your next station and set up.  We did this circuit twice.  I found the rows to be the hardest today because my forearms are SO sore from Monday’s workout.

Then the fun stuff really got going!  I’m so excited just writing about it!

We went outside for another circuit:

  1. dragging and then pushing a tractor tire.  The tire had ropes and 2 rings attached.  So you pull the tire  down the line, facing the tire and walking backwards and then on the way back you push against the ring with the tire behind you.  Friction is the name of the game on this one–that tire does what tires are meant to do: grip pavement!  This was a challenging leg of the circuit.

2.  Flipping tractor tires end over end.  I have no clue how heavy that tire is but I can tell you it’s probably 5′ high.  I’m only 5’3″!  But that’s the tire I use because the other ones wouldn’t challenge me enough.  (okay, a bit of bragging there!).  There were actually 2 tires at this station for 2 people.

3.  Pushing Fred’s car in the YMCA parking lot!  I know, I can’t believe it either!  While one person is pushing, the driver is taking a rest and steering the car.  I would roughly estimate the length we pushed the car to be 75 yards.  I may be way off on that, though.  There was a turn, too, that was slightly uphill. I lost momentum and the car stopped!  Fred gave us all a hand getting up the slight hill.  Talk about EXHAUSTING!  But we all did it–how awesome is that?!?!?!

After we were all spent and had stretched, we had a group hug.  That sounds so cheesy, but I feel like this group is my team and we went through something difficult and were successful.  It’s amazing how that bonds people.  I feel like I’ve found my fitness tribe.


I’m giggling to myself over this title.  Duuuuude, it’s like Zen, man.  Okay, well I entertain myself at least!  hahaha!

But what I’m getting at is that I’ve come to a really great place, emotionally.  More about that in a bit.

I don’t think I ever wrote about having a sluggish thyroid.  I found out during my physical back in May–I take 25micrograms of the generic Synthroid.  At first, I was pretty irritated that I was on a daily medication.  That’s for old people, right?  Apparently, it’s for me, too.  I’m finally starting to see a tiny bit of difference.  When I am really exerting myself the tendency to get dizzy has greatly diminished.  I go back in August to have my blood drawn and see if I’m on the correct dosage for my deficiency.

In exercise news, I’m on week 3 of H.I.M. training.  (High Intensity Metabolic) Whew, this class kills!  It’s all based around doing a certain exercise for a length of time and then a rest period.  As the intensity increases and our tolerance levels increase, the rest time decreases.  For example, today we ran a series of sprints.  Each 45 seconds long with a  15 second rest period before starting the next sprint.  After 4 sets of sprints, we got 2 minutes to get water, etc.  Then onto another series.  This style of training is supposed to target belly fat specifically.  I sure hope so!  I actually started the class weighing in at 191lbs (thanks to being on my cycle and a BAD case of the munchies!)  I’m down to 186lbs and hopefully will lose 5-6 more pounds. I would love, love, love to see a 179 on that scale!

I’ve also been doing bootcamp on Saturdays for the last six weeks.  It’s hard in a different way than H.I.M. training.  I find it requires a lot more mental toughness–I suspect that’s mainly because of the jogging, which I still hate.  Perhaps if I enjoyed running, bootcamp would be less difficult….nah, my trainer would just find ways to make it more difficult! 

Running has become my cardio of choice when I’m not at HIM class or bootcamp.  I’m training for a 5k on September 26th.  Considering that I really dislike running, this is pretty amazing. I’ve run a few test 5ks on the treadmill (which in NO way simulates running outdoors in the heat or the hills in the town hosting the 5k) and I’ve come in around 36-37minutes with a bit of walking. Not too shabby, in my opinion.

On the eating front, I still struggle with snacking and overeating.  But I’m doing better.  Yesterday was a spectacular day, eating-wise.  I heard two quotes that really hit home for me.  One was from Farrah Fawcett via Ryan O’Neal–she said something along the lines of “that even if you are losing the battle, you have to keep fighting.”  and then Fred said that I could undo all the hard work I’ve put in at the gym by eating poorly.  Both very true.  I’ve worked so, so hard–why am I letting food stop me–after a YEAR of this?!?!?  Man, you’d think I’d have this on lockdown after a year, but I don’t.  But I do know that I can handle it.  That’s where the zen comes in.  It will happen.

On June 15th, I will start taking H.I.M. Training class.  I *think* that stands for High Intensity Metabolic Training.  All I know is that it’s gonna kick my butt!  The main reason I’m doing this class instead of the weekly bootcamp is that this class is on site at the Y and child care is provided. 

I’m really going to miss bootcamp, though.

The class runs twice a week (Monday & Wednesday) for 6 weeks.  I have a goal of dropping 10lbs during the course.  I will have my eating en pointe–especially during that 6 weeks. I even made a pot of zero-point soup* and portioned it out for my lunches for the next two weeks.  I’ll do my own workout on Fridays.  Cardio on Tues, Thurs, Sat–in preparation for the 5k.  That’s the plan.

*I didn’t follow this recipe as I don’t generally follow recipes.  But this is a good start.

I ran 30 minutes, non stop today. That equalled just over 2.5miles! 

I can hardly believe it!  Jeez, a 5k is only 3.1 miles–I’ll totally be able to do that.  I think I’m gonna do the one in Woodbury in September and the one in November.

Take that, mutherhumpin’ Poptarts!  Hiiiii-yah!

Saturday mornings have been taken over by bootcamp. I haven’t decided if I love it or not.  I do love the feeling I get afterwards:  accomplished, strong and tired!  I’m going to stick with it as long as I can. I really wish I could take the weekday classes but child care + the cost of boot camp is a bit much.

This morning went much better than last week.  Last week, I kept getting dizzy.  Getting dizzy made me frustrated and in turn, pissed off.  Not my best performance by far.  Thank goodness today was good!  I was able to hang in there much better.

So far, bootcamp has only had 2 people participating.  I’m so used to such a small group that a large group would be so different–more people to screw things up! hahaha!  Some things were a bit funny today.  There was a newbie today named Rachel.  Rachel is super sweet but totally girly!  I kept telling her to harness her inner tomboy.  I think it took a bit for her to understand that this is supposed to be a BOOTCAMP experience.  By that, I mean Fred (instructor) doesn’t want us waving to people or getting distracted.  He really does want us to sing loudly in front of all the spectators on the greenway. Once she got that, she was great.  I enjoyed having Rachel there because she’s a cheerful person.  I tend to have a rain cloud over my head when I do poorly, so it was a nice dynamic.

It really took me back today–back to when I cared *so* much about how other people view me.  The old  me would have died before doing a bootcamp. (to be truthful the old me would have never survived a bootcamp, hahahaha)

I’ve still got 27lbs to lose.  I set a goal of a year.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I’ll keep on keeping on.  What can I say?  I finally feel like I am never going back to my old ways ever again.  It’s taken me 10 months to truly believe that I’ve changed.  No wonder people fall off the wagon permantly–10 months is a long damned time!

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Just super busy.  And not much in the blogging mood. This is going to be a bit random.  Maybe I should bullet point, lol.

-The weather has been so nice that after supper that Husband and I put the kids in the bike trailer and go riding.  I am totally in love with cycling.  Okay, riding a cruiser isn’t cycling, per se, but if I said biking that would mean motorcycle, right?  Either way, it’s just the best.  I love the wind in my hair so, so much.  Husband even bought himself a shiny new bike so we can all ride together!  Now, we are contemplating an upgrade on our trailer.  In my grand scheme, I want to have a pop-up camper and for vacations we’d drive somewhere bike-friendly and camp and just be a family.  I want us to be that fit, active family.

-Exercise is going well.  Food is going well.  I’m feeling pretty zen about it all.  Once I busted 190lbs, things have been better in my mind.  For example, I had bootcamp on Saturday.  Purposely took Sunday off and Monday was Memorial Day and I was just too busy.  Well, Tuesday rolled around and I just didn’t make it to the gym for several reasons.  Did I freak out?  NO!  Because I knew I’d be in there Wednesday morning.  And while I did eat a brownie last night after supper, I know that I can control myself in the evening hours now.  I wouldn’t call it loosening up on myself.  It’s more like a new perspective.  That may be a crappy way to describe it, but it’s the best I’ve got.

-Yesterday, I ended up working out with one of the female trainers at the Y.  Informally.  It was an ego boost because I think I am in equally good shape as a TRAINER.  How crazy is that?  Fred was in the vicinity of our workout and I think he was really proud of me–he said, “Look at you, training the trainer!”  It was really fun working with this woman and I hope timing works out so that we can do it again. I think we could learn stuff from one another.

-I’ve been running on the treadmill again because I’ve committed myself to a 5k in November.  I’m not training for it yet, but trying to warm to the idea.  Right now, I do a 12 minute mile. In fact, I’ve been running a mile as a warm up before my workout.  A 5k is 3.125 miles.  So theoretically, it would take me just over 36 minutes to finish a 5k.  Yesterday, I ran for 15 minutes solid.  So I’ve got to triple that basically.  I’m pretty sure I can do it.  Luckily, I have a friend who is running with me!

Today was bootcamp. It’s being conducted by my trainer, Fred, but isn’t affliated with the Y at all.

I pull up this morning at the greenway, dark clouds over head.  Down in the parking lot, I see Fred all camo’d out with a whistle around his neck.  Holy heck.  I haven’t been that nervous in ages.  I was all twisty in the tummy.  What was it going to be like? Would I be able to hang in there?  What if I royally sucked?

See, what you have to understand is that I am very competitive.  It’s a bit ridiculous, actually.  I hate to lose or suck at anything.

Although nearly 10 people signed up, only 2 of us showed.  I guess they were scared of the rain.  So it was me and another lady, Kim, whom I estimate to be about 45.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of running.  We even did the cadence singing like you see in the movies.  Lots of Hoo-rahs and O Yeahs.  Actually, the cadence singing was more helpful than I anticipated–it helped keep my mind off the fact that I hate to run and it helped me breathe.  We ran 2 miles today and while it wasn’t continuous, it was still 2 miles. The pace was very moderate–probably it was downright slow.  My guess is 5.2mph.  Slow.  But Kim and I were able to keep going without stopping, which for me right now is far more important than speed.

In between running, we did many different styles of push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups and partner exercises.  I had the toughest time at the end when he had us doing scissor kicks and flutter kicks.  Holy moly, was I tired by the 15th count of those.  And since I blew it right at the end, we had to start over. DOH!

Fred has this saying: PRIDE.  Personal Responsibilty In Daily Efforts.  He also talked about focusing on the small details so that the big stuff takes care of itself.  I find this really intriguing.  Because usually the sentiment is ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’  And this is the opposite.  I’m not quite sure if I agree or not.  Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to ask him more about this, maybe get him to elaborate.

One day later:

OMG!  I am so sore.  My shoulders and back muscles are so sore from all the pushups.  Yikes.  I took today off and I’m taking tomorrow off to have a complete recovery.

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