I haven’t written in nearly 2 months.  Whoa, Nelly.

Rather than dwell on why I haven’t written, I’m just gonna write.

I’m holding steady around 185lbs.  Eating has been crappy for various reasons–which is not to say I’ve given up, but I’ve been making some poor choices out of weakness, peer pressure and other environmental factors.  I’ve also not been giving 100% at the gym.

Why?  I think I’m feeling complacent.  I’m wearing a size 10 (which, man, does that feel so good!) in some jeans.  I feel really good about my appearance and my self-esteem is good.  I think the problem is my focus—and this is going to sound so conceited, but I’m getting some of the attention I’ve always wanted and I have less incentive to continue, in a way.

I’ve always maintained that I am doing this for myself.  My goal is 160. I am willing myself to buckle down and reach my goal.

I’m still doing the High Intensity Metabolic classes.  My group has such a wonderful chemistry that it makes class better.  Fred is such a creative person, fitness-wise.  Just when I think I’ve reached a great fitness level, he introduces something that makes me go “Jeez!”  We do circuits now in timed intervals.    I really enjoy it!