I am in week 5 of the High Intensity Metabolic Training.  HIM, from here on out.  This is the most intense hour!  We’ve reached the level where we get little to no rest and are upping the difficulty at the same time.

First of all, I want to say what an amazing group of women we are!  Ages ranging from me (I just realized I’m the baby!) nearly 30-nearly 50.  And we all rock it out!

After warm-up, we went straight into our first sequence.  24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 split jumps and then 12 squat jumps.  We did that sequence 3 times without stopping.  I’m thinking it took us 7 minutes or so–but I’m not sure.  Those last squat jumps burned so badly but I just set my jaw and decided I was going to push through all the messages in my brain telling me to STOP!  I was so proud of myself for busting the last little bit as hard as I could.

With only a 2 minute break (which felt like 30 seconds), we went into a circuit.  There were five stations:  walking push-ups, rows on the TRX, ball slams against the gym wall, wall pushs and lateral squat jumps (I think they are called this–squatting and jumping around 180 degrees, as fast as possible).  It was 50 seconds on, 10 seconds to get to your next station and set up.  We did this circuit twice.  I found the rows to be the hardest today because my forearms are SO sore from Monday’s workout.

Then the fun stuff really got going!  I’m so excited just writing about it!

We went outside for another circuit:

  1. dragging and then pushing a tractor tire.  The tire had ropes and 2 rings attached.  So you pull the tire  down the line, facing the tire and walking backwards and then on the way back you push against the ring with the tire behind you.  Friction is the name of the game on this one–that tire does what tires are meant to do: grip pavement!  This was a challenging leg of the circuit.

2.  Flipping tractor tires end over end.  I have no clue how heavy that tire is but I can tell you it’s probably 5′ high.  I’m only 5’3″!  But that’s the tire I use because the other ones wouldn’t challenge me enough.  (okay, a bit of bragging there!).  There were actually 2 tires at this station for 2 people.

3.  Pushing Fred’s car in the YMCA parking lot!  I know, I can’t believe it either!  While one person is pushing, the driver is taking a rest and steering the car.  I would roughly estimate the length we pushed the car to be 75 yards.  I may be way off on that, though.  There was a turn, too, that was slightly uphill. I lost momentum and the car stopped!  Fred gave us all a hand getting up the slight hill.  Talk about EXHAUSTING!  But we all did it–how awesome is that?!?!?!

After we were all spent and had stretched, we had a group hug.  That sounds so cheesy, but I feel like this group is my team and we went through something difficult and were successful.  It’s amazing how that bonds people.  I feel like I’ve found my fitness tribe.