There are so many people, both online and IRL, who have touched my journey.   While I did this alone, I didn’t really–I’ve had some awesome cheerleaders along the way.  I thanked my trainer, Fred, in the last post and realized I have a lot more thanks to dole out!

In no paticular order:

My husband.  He has been so supportive of this lifestyle change; namely, eating whatever healthy fare I put on the dinner table.  I am so grateful that he eats what I cook without complaint and usually with a compliment. He’s only complained mildly about the money I spend on fitness and related gear.  He’s generous enough in spirit to tell me he’s proud of me.  Add the fact that he works so hard so I can stay home with the kids (or take them to the gym) and you’ve got one amazing man.

My friend/neighbor Alicia.  She lives right next door and always has a kind word to say about my dedication.  She’s also the one who gently reminds me when I need to lighten up a bit on myself.  I definitely get in the zone sometimes—she helps me be a little more balanced.  Also, Alicia meets me a the gym so we can hang out and work out.  There’s nothing like a girlfriend to chat with!  Another big way she’s helped me is with clothes.  I have no clue most of the time about what looks good on me.  I like to take her shopping because she has great fashion sense and is honest with me.

My best bud, Betsy.  Betsy is not the rah-rah type of cheerleader but when you’ve done something special, she’s the first one to congratulate you.  Even though she is stretched a million ways by her job and family, if I have a problem that I need to talk about , she will make time to listen and nearly always gives me solid, well-thought-out advice.  And she also teaches me a lot about clothes.  Betsy is a great cook so we like to swap up healthy meal ideas.

My friend from college, Megan.  She always has something positive to say.  She’s also one of the few IRL people I let read this blog since she’s a blogger herself.

My gym buddies–these are the peeps I would have never known had I not started this new lifestyle.  Desi, Audra, Camille, Christy, Angie…..I could go on.  Heck, there are some folks whose names I don’t know.  But seeing them work hard inspires me.  Just a smile or a “looking good” or a simple “great job” really makes my day better.