I am seriously thinking about becoming a personal trainer.  I stay at home with my kids now (although we are  NEVER home, LOL) but eventually, I’ll go back to work.  My baby is not even a year and half old, so it will be a while, but I haven’t thought of one single job in the five years I’ve been a mom that I would actually like.  Iam SO not a desk job kinda gal.  I worked in a grocery store doing the pricing in my pre-mom former life.  Going back to work has always been in the back of my mind, though.  I’m very fortunate in that I don’t need insurance or to work full time. 

I have been kicking the idea around in my head quite fleetingly. Like in a no-way-could-I-do-that sorta way.  But the idea kept popping up.  Then yesterday, I was working out with a woman who is in my HIM class.  She is not quite at my fitness level, so I was showing her some stuff on the TRX.  Fred and another gym friend of mine come up to me and say that they had been talking and had decided I should be a trainer.  Then Fred pipes up and says he’s gonna  make me his protege, his female counterpart!


Fred and I do this often–he’ll say something out-of-blue that I had been mulling over unbeknownst to him.  It’s a little freaky, actually.  Hahaha!

I’m not even sure how to wrap my brain around all this, but I find it really appealing.  I do want to help people get fit and change their lives.  I would especially like to work with people who want to avoid gastric bypass.  I mean, I do have the perspective of what being fat is like and I’m going to have the experience of reaching my goal!  The schedule would be pretty flexible since I probably wouldn’t work 40 hours.  And if I work somewhere like the Y, they have child care.

I’m just kinda flabbergasted by the whole thing.  Me?  A trainer?  Part of me wants to laugh and part of me is all, “hell yeah!”

We shall see.  But the seed has definitely been planted.