I love, love, love, LOVE my new bike.  It rides like a dream and all my worries, stresses, triggers to overeat just slip away in the wind.  I don’t know firsthand, but it’s got to be better than Prozac. hahaha!  I was a total grump before dinner last night.  After dinner, I hopped on Smurfette (that’s what I named her, hahahaha) and rode for about 2hrs and I was transformed into a happy person 🙂

 Seriously, this bike makes me wish we lived on an island or heck, anywhere more bike friendly than my town.  I would be thrilled to live someplace that bikes were a main mode of transportation.  Biking is *so* my thing.  I found my thing!  Yay!  I even told Hubs that I wished we could go on biking vacations–or at least take my bike on vacation!  How crazy is that?  I’m like a kid at Christmas!

Last night, I talked my neighbor into riding with me.  I let her ride Smurfette and it had the same effect on her–she was totally calm after our ride.  Now we just need to talk her husband into letting her buy a bike.

While she and I were riding, I told her that I am NEVER going back to being that fat, lazy, inactive, insecure person.  And I finally believe it.  I’ve kinda had this thought in the back of my mind that I might slip up and end up fat again.  Even after 10 months of becoming healthy, those thoughts were there.  I am never going back.  Ever.  Some of this enlightenment comes from the fact that I’ve busted through my plateau. 

It’s just amazing for me to think about how I used to be.  Right now, I’d rather ride Smurfette than do just about anything.  Who is this person?  I love who I’ve become.  My blog has always been titled “Becoming Brianne” and I think I finally have.