I went shopping on Thursday.  I needed new clothes in the worst way.  The best part was that I learned I’m a size 12 in jeans.  And not just in one brand either!  The worst part is trying on a hundred pairs to find one if you’re lucky.  But hey, they were 12’s and not 22’s.  It was actually the first shopping trip I’ve had as an adult where I didn’t go into the plus size area.  Man, what a milestone!

 I finally broke down and bought a body shaper.

If I had known how AMAZING it would make me look in my clothes, I would have bought one a long time ago!   It smoothes out all the pizza-dough lumpiness and firms everything up.  And since it’s a camisole, it doesn’t smoosh the booty I’ve done a million lunges to create.  Plus, it gives me this invisible confidence that comes from not having to suck it in all the time, hahahaha!