A couple things happened yesterday. 

1.  I made a doctor’s appointment for a physical.  I haven’t had a physical since I was an athlete in high school.  I’m actually establishing a relationship with this doctor to be my primary care physician.  I want to get all the blood work, etc done.

2.  I was feeling like total shit about my progess/nonprogess that I blogged about yesterday.

Then today, I got a call from my insurance company.  Well, not exactly my insurance company, but from a program they offer. Basically, the program offers health counselors to help you prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle.  You know, diet strategies and getting health screening–that sort of stuff. I spoke with a woman named Dawn.  She point blank asked me what health concerns I might have.  I gave her a brief history of what I’ve been doing to get healthy.  And then I tell her about my nemesis: snacking.   Afternoon and evening snacking.  The zoning out and decompressingsnacking.  The crackers…..oh, the crackers.  (I think I actually amused her with some of my jokes–I love to entertain, LOL)

And suprisingly, she had a great suggestion:  I should try meditation or yoga after the kids go to bed to decompress and chill.  Instead of eating.

That’s brilliant!  I’ve been thinking about yoga for a while now but just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.  I think I even have a DVD somewhere.  I’m trying it tonight.

So I’m not a very religious person (read: not religious at all) but there’s something about this phone call happening today after the events of yesterday.

Wake up call, perhaps? Motivation?  I don’t know yet, but for whatever reason it was timely.  I heard or read once that if you beseech the universe, it tends to answer you.  Is that what happened?