Oh my!  I’ve found the best technique for zucchini!

I was a bit skeptical as I’ve had limited success trying to bake sweet potatoes fries.  Seriously, I’ve never had zucchini taste so good.   The insides were tender, the bread crumbs crisped up nicely.  I served them with marinara and polenta.  This will be my go-to this summer when my zucchini plants are out of control–I can’t wait, actually!  These would be great to take to a party, too.  Lots of healthy appetizers seem like they are trying too hard to be “good” but this one is just downright yummy.

I did modify the recipe a bit.  Of course.  I can’t leave a recipe alone.  I made a larger serving, so I used 2 egg white and added a bit of water. I find if I don’t add water and also beat really well, they are clumpy and gross.  I also used fresh parmesan and probably a tablespoon of garlic powder in the crumb mixture.  That sounds like a lot of garlic powder but the coating was perfectly seasoned!  My other trick was that I turned them halfway through and sprayed them with butter cooking spray–I think it helps the coating get nice and crunchy.

I know, I know I should have taken pictures.  Next time!