I can’t believe I’ve decided to do the boot camp.  I’m all in.  I finished the other “half” of my training session today and I was Fred’s guinea pig for his boot camp ideas.  He is so excited about it and that excitement is contagious.  I am half terrified, half pumped!

Today’s session remined me why I love working with a trainer.  He’s so darned imaginative!  For instance, today I did a bunch of exercises that utilized paper plates.  Yes, paper plates.  Those things are slippery on a basketball court which is why he had me using them–they forced me to use my core strength to keep from sliding.  How unique is that?    I would have NEVER thought of that in a million years.  I was doing push-ups on them and on each up stroke, I pushed one hand to the other.  That was ridiculously hard.   Then I had to inchworm across the floor using just my abs to propel me–that was even harder!

But the craziest thing he had me do was crunches.  While sitting on him.  He was on all fours and I had to sit on his hip area with my feet tucked under his armpits.  Then I had to do a crunch.  The further back I leaned, the farther forward he had to lean to offset my weight.  Talk about crazy!  He was even sweating my the end of it, hahahahaha!  I love it! 

I feel so lucky to have Fred for a trainer.  He’s just so good at his job.  Anytime I need him, if he’s not busy with someone else, he’s so willing to listen/write a new plan/stretch me/roll out my calves/recipe ideas, whatever I need of him.   Even if I haven’t requested his attention, he’ll come up and ask how my day and workout is going and give me suggestions or encouragement.  Considering all the time I’ve required of him, I probably should have paid him twice over.

I was really in the zone today.  The techniques were hard, but I wasn’t mentally defeating myself like last time.  I felt so positive and strong.  I’m almost back to where I was and it feels so damned good.  Trust me, I will NEVER again take a month off unless I’m forced to.  I was talking to Fred and another client of his today about how getting out of your workout routine leads to mental sloth.  It’s true.  The less I exercise, the less I want to. The less I want to, the cloudier my mind gets.  When my mind is cloudy, I’m not as happy as I could be.   Once again I am learning about that mind/body connection! 

I can hardly believe that I used to have no insight into the mind/body connection.  What a waste!  Not anymore, though!