Spin class!  I’ve never done it before.  I’ve been on a spin bike before in my training sessions. But never a class!  I decided that tonight was the night!

I’m always a little anxious about doing something new.  It’s a flaw of mine that I’ve been working on.  My anxiety about  new situations has actually stopped me from doing things in the past, unfortunately.  So I got my little pass and set my bike up.  I was expecting the worst because during my time on a spin bike with Fred, he puts his foot on the wheel to make it nearly impossible to move–it’s excruciatingly difficult and makes my quads burn like crazy. 

So I hopped on the bike and got to pedaling.  I am a people watcher and I notice everything:  there were people of all ages–probably early 20’s to the 60’s.  I think that’s pretty neat.  I could tell who the serious spinners were because they had their own special bike shoes.  I’m sure special shoes make a difference when riding long distance but I’m curious as to the benefits of them for spin class.  The music had already started and took it as a good sign that The Door’s Roadhouse Blues was the second song.

Admittedly, I took it a bit easier than I could have because I didn’t know what to expect.  Was I going to get 2/3 of the way through and poop out?  I’m WAY too competitive for that but I still held back.  Next time, I won’t.  I was following all the instructions and kept expecting it to feel like I was about to die.  That’s my mark of a good workout–if i feel like I might die from a heart explosion, LOL.  Sure, I was sweating like a sinner in church, but I really think that had more to do with the tiny little room I was in.  And then all of the sudden, we were cooling down and stretching.  45 minutes and I did it.  When I started, I wasn’t sure I could.  And I was keeping up with the special shoes peeps, too.

I am so proud of myself–I had no idea that my fitness level was that high.  Man, that feels so good after the shit day I had emotionally yesterday!  I need to remember that when I’m feeling down or discouraged or burned out, I should try to accomplish something new.  I’m probably not as bad off as my “funk” would have me believe!