Oh man, did my session today ROCK!  I requested at the beginning that we do “fun stuff.”  Fred asks what I think is fun.  My idea of a fun workout is one where I get to kick his butt–boxing, throwing stuff at him, pushing him across the floor, etc.  Agressive, much?  LOL.

We started on the treadmill doing 30 second sprints (minute 30 intervals).  7mph.  no sweat.  8mph. Is this supposed to be hard?  9mph.  Really, is that all you’ve got?  10mph!!!!! Now we’re cooking!  I couldn’t believe I could run that fast that long.  Actually, I wouldn’t try to do that on my own because I have to focus on running and not the controls.  I can totally see myself like on  those videos of people falling off the treadmill!!!

Then we moved onto…well, I don’t know what to call them.  I *think* they’re called knee thrusts.  I stand on one side of a platform.  Fred stands opposite me on the other side of the platform with a focus mitt.  The platform is about my knee height. I put one foot on the platform and knee him with the other leg in the focus mitt which is being held above the platform, kinda at his chest height.  I say kinda because he has to brace himself by squatting and moving into my thrust. (that sounded dirty, lol) 

The knee thrust was coupled with us throwing a 10lb medicine ball back and forth.  I had to throw from one side, targeting my arms and obliques (listen to me, using words like “obliques”).  So I’d do 30 knee thrusts and then 30 medicine ball throws.  And repeat that twice more. So a total of 90 knee thrusts and 90 throws. wow.

The next set was really fun.  I started on the floor in a push-up position.  Then Fred puts one hand on each shoulder and braces himself to be pushed backwards across the floor.  He was REALLY trying not to let me move and I was REALLY killing it!  Like the bag pushes we did last week, this is a very powerful movement. I was forced to stay low.  I even managed to make one of his shoes slide right off–that’s how hard I was pushing!  This exercise was coupled with overhead throws with the medicine ball.  I wasn’t to move my feet so all the power had to come from my abs/upper body.  Very challenging!

We finished off the session with tucks on the TRX. Basically, I was in plank position with my feet in the stirrups; then I lift my knees into my chest.  Sounds simple, right?   He added resistence to it by hold the straps back and making it much harder–I could really feel the burn on this one.  seriously.

I loved my session so, so much today.  We’ve decided that we’re going to do stuff like this every week since I can do the “alone” stuff anytime, but I really enjoy working  *with* someone.  I came home and had SO much energy it was borderline ridiculous.  Cooked and cleaned and was a general ball of fire.  I told my husband that if I wasn’t addicted to having a trainer, I sure am now. The endorphins are outrageous.

Today made me realize how much I miss playing a team sport.  I played baseball/softball  from 2nd grade until I broke my ankle as a senior in high school.  I’d love to find a women’s league or a volleyball team to mess around with. hmmm…need to think about this more.