I’m out of my funk for now!  It feels so much better to be in control of my food choices.  I’ve kept my promise to myself and I’m journaling every bite.  I don’t much like it, but I can already tell that it’s helping me stay focused.  Ah, the accountability!  Part of the journal is that I have to document my mood for each entry.  I think this might be the most illuminating part of the whole journaling experience–I am forced to be honest with myself about WHY the food is entering my mouth. 

I was super pumped for my session today.  A big part of the reason that I was pumped was that my best friend gave me a nice “attagirl” yesterday when we spoke.  Apparently, she had been looking through some old pictures and found one of me about 6 months postpartum my first child–so 4 years ago; I probably weighed about 230, but honestly have no clue.  She said she knew I’d lost weight but seeing those pics really made her realize *how much* I’ve truly lost.  That was nice, for sure!

But even though I was pumped for my session, I’m sick!  Not bad, just some chest congestion, but wow!  Was it so hard to breathe today!  I could really tell that my lungs weren’t working at their fullest capacity. I felt like Spongebob when he’s in Sandy’s dome and he doesn’t want to tell her he can’t breathe air. (Can you tell I have a 4 year old?) We actually had to end the session a before I “finished” because I was getting light-headed.  I have been light-headed in months, so that was a sign to him that we should adjourn for the day.  Fred had a lot of sympathy because he’s got congestion, too, and got light-headed during his workout yesterday.  It was nice that he understood I wasn’t faking.  But it still chapped my butt to not complete the set I was in.

Even though I wasn’t 100%, I was able to do some really challenging stuff.  You know those big tube-shaped bags that boxers hit?  Well, he had me on the ground pushing it–kind of in the same position as a mountain climber.  I had to push it about 20 feet and 20 feet back.  That sounded easy until I realized that the bag doesn’t slide across the floor–I *really* had to give it the effort!  It forces me to stay low because if your body is positioned too high, it won’t budge an inch.  It’s a very powerful movement that sky-rockets my heart rate. (truth be told, I’d rather push that bag than do mountain climbers any day.  Mountain climbers suck.)  According to Fred, when he works with the sheriff’s deputies they can’t even do two complete passes.  I did FOUR complete passes!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, I don’t know if I actually believe him that they were such wimps (Ha, ha!) but it’s still nice.  Actually, I know it must have been impressive because when I do something impressive, Fred’s voice changes and he gets all pumped up and excited.

Gosh, it feels so good to be back to *me.*  I’m going to mostly blame hormones.  This is the me that I enjoy being.  This is the me that feels powerful and in control.

I love the workout “afterglow!” 😉  Is that like runner’s high?