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I’m a member of a great message board.  I posted there about my 40lb loss milestone.  The wonderful women there are so kind and supporitve.  One the members has reached out for my advice and gave permission for me to post it to my blog.  I thought that she probably has the same stumbling blocks that many people have.  So I’m putting my 2 cents out into the internet abyss and maybe it will help Jean and others!

From Jean:

You are amazing, I am you 7 months ago with 30 more lbs I guess, but your starting weight is not listed.
It looks like you follow the WW points system, and you workout at the Y.

Hi Jean! First of all I want to say PLEASE don’t be embarassed. Regardless of weight, you are awesome.

Your baby is approx 4 months? That’s how my daughter was when I started, too.I’m going to write my response after the questions Jean wrote so I can keep my thoughts together.

Jean wrote:
Can you help me with my obstacles? I will try!

1) i can’t workout because the baby might need to nurse, and the childcare people will be weird with breastmilk in a bottle
When I first started working out when Maren was 4 months old, I’d nurse the car (i’m modest) right before walking in. I figured that gave me 1hr before she really need me. So I limited myself to an hour for a while until we both felt more comfy with the situation. As for the breastmilk bottle–I’ve never had them ask what was in the bottle or seen them ask anyone else.


2) it is too much work to get the kids and me out of the house to workout
This is where I just committed myself to doing it 3x a week, no matter what. At first it was really really hard to get used to, but now it’s just a regular day. I treat my fitness like a part-time job. It makes me a better me and much better mommy. Just a hour to myself to sweat or talk to the person on the machine next to me is very rejuvenating. Plus, it breaks up the day a bit.
3) it’s too hard to follow healthy eating when you feed the family other things. ( kids only eat cucumbers and carrots)
I try to include things like rice that I know he will eat, it’s just brown rice now. I make a lot of meatballs (with tons of hidden veggies) b/c he like the size and shape of them. Sometimes, he just has to eat what I fix, period. This wasn’t always the case–I used to make him his own stuff and I decided that was ridiculous. It hasn’t been easy but he’s becoming a better eater and hopefully healthy. I have converted many of my recipes to healthier versions and i refuse to cook anything unhealthy in my house–that’s what eating out is for,lol. Luckily my DH isn’t apicky eater. Also, I love to make “baby” pizzas–low carb pitas for crust, tomato paste for sauce (really good!) and then measure your cheese. I use red onion, fresh spinach, turkey pepperoni, pineapple, etc. Kids love to make their own pizza–make faces, etc on them.
4) i’m too tired from not enough sleep.
Amen, sister! You don’t want to hear this right now, but once you start exercising regularly you’re gonna have a ton more energy. I didn’t believe it either but it’s true. I could give you suggestions like “take naps” or have your DH “do the night shift” but you know those, so I won’t bother with them, LOL!



5) i’m too fat and people will be talking about me.
Nah, no one is talking about you. I will reccomend that you go a family type gym, like the Y. I love that when I go there I see people of all ages, races, fitness levels, weights, etc. Remember, everyone there has the same goal–to be healthy. In my town there are some gyms that I would call “hard body” gyms–I wouldn’t feel comfy there even now. I love my Y.

6) trainers only work with skinny people who are fit.
Nope. Good trainers want to help people change their lives. A good trainer knows that every one starts from zero. A good trainer welcomes the challenge of starting at zero.
You can do this. You just have to make the committment to change. This is so cliche, but it’s not how many times you fall, it’s how many times you get back up. I had a crapton of fried chicken on Wed night. Now when i do that, it’s a concious decision to stray a bit from healthier options. It’s not a derailment of the whole journey.
Here’s a great website that has helped me–another blog:

This gal is great!

You can totally do this! You’re awesome!