Yesterday was a bit calamitous! I was supposed to do my measurements, etc. Well, I’m not sure what happened but my new measurements got saved to the wrong place in the Y’s computer and erased the old measurements, so I have no clue how much I’ve improved. I did do the fitness test, however.  There was some improvement.  Unfortunately, the body fat percentage didn’t change. Well, one tenth of a point, so no change.  My trainer says he thinks the fat pinchers are messed up because he gets the same measurements all the time on different people. So the fat pinchers are suspect, lol.

Between the computer problems and my trainer running late, we didn’t get to do our real session.  I was pretty disappointed.  It was frustrating to not get an accurate picture of my progess.  But what’s done is done and I’ve already moved on.

Luckily, I got to reschedule for today!

Oh man, could I tell that it’s been a week since my last session!  He had me on the gym’s new treadmill that goes to a 30% incline (yikes!).  I was walking at 21% and then he had me do frog leaps while the darn thing was on!  I’d do 12 frog treads then hop off and do some upper body work.  Then back to the frog treads.  Then the upper body.  Very butt kicking, to say the least!  Then came BOXING!  I really like boxing–that’s not to say that I’d like to take a punch, but giving one is pretty fun.  🙂  The boxing really draws everyone’s attention because it’s so loud–the gloves pop against the focus mitts if the technique is right.  Then the core work.  I had to go from a push-up position to a low plank, over and over.  3 sets of 15.  Can you say exhausting?  They are one of my least favorite things he makes me do but I can do so many more than I could in the beginning.

I’m really starting to see my progess.  Fred told me my punches are really packing a wallop now and he breaks a bit of a sweat when we box.  I definitely see this as a positive–making your trainer sweat means you are really working!  I am basically addicted to having a personal trainer.  The motivation, the cheerleader, the brains behind the movements–I could go on and on.  I love it so much.  Even when I hate it, mid-session, I’m loving it.