I’m over the cookie dough.  All is well.  I’ve been working my tail off to get back to 196lbs by tomorrow morning.  I gained a few over Christmas like nearly everyone in America.

Why tomorrow? one may ask.  I’m getting my measurments/body fat percentage redone.  I did them on October 10th.  My body fat percentage was 31.7%–actually lowish for my weight at the time (203.4) but still nothing to be proud of.  That just shows how naturally muscular I am.  Anyway, my resting heart rate was 77 and was considered “fit.”  Fred told me that Lance Armstrong’s resting heart rate is 42 when he’s in competition mode.  Not that I’m shooting for Lance-like fitness, but I am hoping my rhr has improved.  My BMI was 36 and according to a calculator I found online, it’s now 34.7–minor improvement.

Okay, I’m totally freaking out that I haven’t improved much.  The number I’m really concerned with is the body fat percentage.  I really, really, really hope it’s a smaller number.  A smaller number would validate all the hard work I’ve been putting in; all the good food choices I’ve made and the money spent on a trainer.  I don’t know how I’ll respond if the percentage hasn’t improved much.

And on top of being nervous, I really struggled in the gym today.  I just could not get into the groove.  Yesterday’s workout was great–I really pushed myself and was into it.  Today, not so much. 

But on the plus side, I haven’t been stress eating today and instead of a big ole dark chocolate bar I chose a Fiber One granola bar.  Baby steps.