Note to Self: Just because “Santa” gets cookies doesn’t mean you get to eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate chip cookie dough.

UGH!  Why the hell did I DO THAT?  I swear to god, it was like crack.  I kept choosing not to stop–just a little bit more.  Hell, even writing about it makes me want to dig in.  And I have no excuse since I did have an alternative treat in the fridge two shelves above the cookie dough.  I’m seriously irritated with myself….borderline disgusted. Cookie dough?  Really?  After how well I’ve been doing?  And I know that my trainer is taking my measurements/baselines all over again on Monday!  WTF!!!!!!!!!!  To me, this just proves that I still have a long way to go before I truly have a handle on my eating.  If it would wake my whole house, I’d scream to release the demons, LOL!

Now that I’m coming off my dough high, I trying to understand why I gorged a bit.  I think I was stress eating.  The mommy sprint. Christmas.  All the tempting food for the holiday.  The fact that I’ve been anticipating my daughter waking up any minute. Maybe I’m scared that my measurements won’t have improved any.  The overachiever in me really would be disappointed if that happens.

Deep, cleansing breath.  And another.

I’m about to Pollyanna the crap out of this so consider yourself warned.


But as I’ve written in the past, I can make a better decision right now.  I will not let this derail me tomorrow.  I will succeed in the big picture.

Guess who will be hitting it harder at the gym than previously planned?