For the first year EVAH, I will not be making the “lose weight” resolution!  Since I’ve been getting healthy since way back in July, I don’t have to beat myself up on January 1st this year!  I can’t even begin to describe what a weight off my shoulders (or belly) this is!  Maybe I’ll just add a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, I think I’ve been making the traditional weight-loss goal for at least 12 years.  And now that I reflect back on it, I think NOT starting on January 1st was helpful for me.  There was no pressure that I was going to blow it for the whole year, yk?  There was no waiting for January 1st to roll around, eating like a fiend because I only had a month of “freedom” left.   No attitude that I was being punished for gluttony.

So I say, Screw January 1st!  Start right this second and make just one better choice.  Just a tiny one, like 1 peice of cake instead of two. A banana instead of the cake, even. 

I’m not sure exactly when the holidays became about gluttony and over-consumption.  And it’s over-consumption of everything from food to things.  We are gluttonous as a society, aren’t we? I’m guilty of it, so I do understand.  It feels so good to have more than enough.  It’s comforting to know that you couldn’t possibly eat all the food prepared for Christmas dinner. It’s in our DNA to want more than we need–to stockpile for future use. 

So what is to be my resolution this new year?  Well, I want to be less gluttonous in general.  And I want to craft more, both alone and with my kids.  I want to be much more creative this new year.