It is SO hard to figure out what is healthy when finding the nutritional information is like looking for my son’s shoes. Turns out they’re in the neighbors’ back yard and oh, by the way, it rained last night.

We went to Arby’s tonight. It wasn’t my choice: I was trying to be accommodating to my hubs who was starving. What to get? Obviously not going for the Big Roast Beef and Curly Fries. (Oh, sweet Mary, do I want some curly fries) I’ve learned the hard way that salads can be a big trap with all the extras they put on them, so I steered clear. I unhappily settled on the Jr. Roast Beef and applesauce cup from the kids meal. This sandwich was ridiculously small and over 6pts! I can get a plain grilled chicken at McDonald’s for 7pts that’s twice the size of the Jr. Roast Beef. I was SO not full or remotely full, so I ended up scarfing up my son’s Jr. Roast Beef, too. So that’s 12 pts. Only I didn’t know it was 12 points till I got home! Argh! I checked Arby’s website (which I’m not linking b/c they deserve no free publicity from me) and turns out I should have chosen the Martha’s Vineyard salad with the light ranch dressing for 7.7pts. Sigh. I’ll do better next time.

But let me say for the record–they should have the nutritional values on the freaking menu items so it’s not such a guessing game!

This should have been two posts.  Oh well.

But in other news, my trainer had some down time today so he kept me company while I worked on an elliptical machine.  I confessed that the days I’m not working with him are soooooooo boring, so he’s figuring out an interval training program for my off days.  I got a sampling of it today and I *really* liked it.  Basically, I go as fast as possible for 30 seconds and then regular speed for a minute.  Repeat over and over.  It’s really cool because it’s just 30 seconds–I know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.  I think I’m becoming his pet project–he’s asked for before pictures and wants to make a board with my progress on it.  Part of me is thrilled, part is terrified.  Thrilled because it feels good to get recognition for my hard work.  Terrified because I really, really hate my before pics. 

Before I started this process, I loved weight-loss stories, makeover shows, plastic surgery before & afters and the like.  I still like them, but now it’s a very different feeling.  Before, it was a wishful, impossible-to-accomplish feeling.  I can’t say they were motivating for more than 2 seconds.  Meaning, I would be all jazzed to “change” and then completely forget the next day.  Now, I know what change *feels* like.  I can relate to the people in those stories.  So, if i could help anyone else feel as well as I do these days, it’s got to be good thing, right?