I’m stealingRoni’s note to self idea:

Note To Self:  If you do not have an after-the-kids-go-to-bed treat, the world will not quit turning on its’ axis.  That is stress eating–or more likely, the come down from stress.  You have eaten plenty of good food today and you do not need any more no matter how bored or deeply ingrained the habit is.

I find evenings to be challenging. It starts when dinner preparation starts and it doesn’t end until BOTH kids are asleep.  It’s like a mommy sprint–a marathon would imply that there’s some pacing involved.  Not so much.  It doesn’t help that my husband’s schedule requires him to go to bed much earlier than most folks.  And tonight he is sick and turned in at 6:15pm.  Unfortunately, I do most of the evening stuff by myself.  I don’t want to sound like I’m disparaging my husband, but this situation is what it is.

So anyway, the fixing of dinner, the eating of dinner, the cleaning of the kitchen; bath time, bedtime routines (and there are 2 different routines since my kiddos are so far apart in age) brushing teeth and the application of magic lotion to ward off pesky closet monsters; a couple loads of laundry–washed and dried (if not folded) but miscellaneous tasks to get ready for the next day.   Side bar: I am fully aware that was the most atrocious sentence in the history of sentences.

It’s exhausting and stressful!  It makes me want to freaking gorge myself on something, anything.  But I didn’t tonight.  I can’t say it won’t ever happen again. 

But I didn’t stress eat tonight.