And I’m not sure which part is more prevalent, either.

Mizfit was interested in hearing more about my experience with my personal trainer.  I can’t say that I know a lot about personal training in general but I do know about my experience specifically.

I can’t even say I know how to pick a trainer.  I picked mine because he stopped and asked if I needed any help with a machine.  He was the first one in 4 months of going to the gym to actually speak to me.  I lucked up and got the best one in the gym, I think.  I pay attention to the other trainers and now that I have some experience, I see that their methods probably wouldn’t suit me very well.  Plus, the one of the dude trainer is intimidatingly good-looking.

My trainer, Fred, is a different breed of human. (Side note:  I need to confess that it sounds completely pretentious to say “my trainer” like I’m some Buffy on Park Avenue.  But man, could I use “my masseur” and “my personal shopper.)  He likes to see me nearly crying, sweat dripping on the nasty gym floor, drool oozing uncontrollably.  He likes to push me farther than I think i can go.  He likes to up the intensity immediately after I master a skill or movement.

I mention all the things he likes because they are all things I wouldn’t have done alone.  Technically, I guess I could have done them alone, but I probably never would have. I definitely have (although I’m really trying to change this) a negative “I can’t attitude towards so, so many things.  So basically, Fred’s attitude is “yes you freaking can and you freaking will.”  So I do.  I’m doing things in my sessions that I NEVER thought I’d be able to do.  And god help me when I say  I can’t do something–I think saying I can’t is like an energy booster for him:  he goes a bit nuts and makes me do MORE!

But there’s something deeper than Fred just pushing me to do movements with my body.  There’s this connection that has to happen in order for our professional relationship to work.  He has to understand why I want to change and what I want from him.  I have to submit to his expertise and trust that he knows more than I do (which is a big deal for me since I pretty much know it all, LOL).  I have to be willing to take orders from him and respect the fact that he’s not bossing me to be jerk.  That sounds silly, but if it were my husband or brother telling me what to do, I would rebel like nobody’s business and the training would suffer.  It helps that Fred has a lot of experience, 7 years I think, and is one of those guys who gets along well with women.  He’s helped many people meet their fitness and weight-loss goals.  And he’s got a sense of humor–for me, that’s just very important.  I must have laughter in my life, even when I’m wanting to cry out in pain.

I’m learning so much.  About myself, about exercise and living a fit life.  As i sit here, with sore muscles, I am so glad to be changing.

For anyone reading (all 2 of you, LOL) what else would you like to know about my personal training experience?)