Here’s some stuff that I’ve noticed since losing 33lbs.

  • My knees don’t pop a hundred times a day.
  • I can walk in modest heels twice as long as I used to.
  • When i lay my jeans on the bed before getting dressed, I am amazed at how small they look.
  • I can run a mile–without stopping!
  • I have no clue what clothes look good on me now.  When I shop, i take a friend for the second opinion.
  • I have NO energy when I DON’T workout.  Like exhausted by 4pm and needing a quick snooze. 
  • If I miss a day at the gym I kinda don’t know what to do with myself–I walk around my house all confused, LOL.
  • I’ll feel my arm or upper thigh and it feels like it’s someone else’s body because it’s so muscular.