My darling husband has given me 10 more session with my trainer as an early Christmas gift.  God love him–he knows I would never have bought them myself even though I wanted (needed?) them very badly!

So, session #11 is today and I’m psyched!  I’m really starting to *enjoy* getting my ass handed to me.  I’ve noticed that my mental attitude has everything to do with the success of the session.  That’s kind of a “duh” statement, but as with everything else I seem to have to learn it the hard way, LOL. 

I’m not sure how, but I wound up with a really knowledgeble trainer.  We rarely do the same things twice–his repetoir of pain is extensive.  I kid, but really he has me doing exercises, positions and movements I would never have thought of on my own.  And here’s the interesting part:  almost everything is done with just my body weight!  We use nearly no regular gym equipment.  We do use kettlebells, a Bosu, this set of ropes with handles and “stirrups,” and some free weights.  But mostly it’s just me.  I wasn’t too sure of this in the beginning but now I’m really seeing some results.  I’ve got muscles on the backs of my arms now–who knew?  and my upper thighs are so much more muscular.  The other area I’ve seen improvement is my stamina and ability to do more difficult movements.

As he and I get to know each other, my workout improves.  He knows how to read me and I push to give him more effort.  It’s great, really.  Plus, we have a fun brother/sister-type banter that helps, too.  We crack each other up and in my life, laughter is very important.

My husband signed us up for more life insurance and the nurse came today to do a quickie physical.  I had to get weighed, blood taken, urine sample, etc.  And here’s the buried lead:  199lbs, baby!  She said her scale was extremely accurate, so WHOOOOOOOOO, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  199!  Go me! Go me!  That’s 33lbs officially gone!  only 39 more to go!