Sharon left me this comment on my last post:

Are you depriving yourself from certain foods when you are “dieting”? Maybe you should try focus on simply eating and enjoying food, and not so much about numbers. In no time, the weight should just melt off before your eyes!

I guess the answer to this is yes and no.  I am REALLY trying not to “diet” this time.  I want to be healthy, thin with healthy eating habits for the rest of my life.  So I eat all kinds of “good” and “bad” foods every day.  My problem always as been the stopping part.  2 cookies just doesn’t do if for me.  I’d rather have no cookies than just a tease.  (and unfortunately, 2 cookies is still just a tease for me.  About 10 sounds right.  And 10 cookies is 8 too many.  You see where this is going?)

So yes, I do deprive myself of certain foods because I don’t trust myself to overeat yet.  But this doesn’t work either because I end up snacking on the damned cookies anyway!  I nickel and dime myself (in terms of points) to death.  Oh, the snacking! 

I hashed some of this out in my brain yesterday. I haven’t bought many “me” treats like pudding cups, etc because I’m cheap.  But I think the time has come for me to have a treat to look forward to everyday instead of having a craving that ends with my hand in the bag of cookies.

Portion control is the name of the game.  I KNOW this with my brain.  I’m still figuring out why I don’t listen to myself.  Repeat after me: “it’s a process…..”