I got to be a bad ass today!  My trainer introduced me to boxing.  I even had the wrists wrapped and everything.  Then I got to punch his (padded) hands over and over.  It was awesome–the most fun I’ve had at a session so far.

As fun as it was, I am still so painfully uncoordinated!  The count is 1, 1-2, 2.  So, left-left/right-right.  Sounds simple, but somehow I manage to get confused–it’s pretty funny really.  But even funnier looking is when he had me do a “walking pushup.”  The best way I can describe that exercise of terror is to imagine you’re in a push-up position and then crab walk in the position across the floor.  Keep that butt down!  Wow, it’s intense, to say the least.

I can tell that I’m getting more fit.  I don’t get dizzy as often and he commented today that I recover quicker when winded.  I wish I could afford about 30 total sessions.  That would be well over $1k, though, so that’s probably out.  I’m hoping to pay for 10 more session when we get our tax refund in February.  We shall see.