I have meant to write more about my experience with the personal trainer but I got a bit sidetracked in the abyss of my emotional psyche. 

I am already noticing that some positions/movements are getting easier.  It’s a bit hard to tell though because he switches up the session each time.  Fred is really big into squats and combinations of movements with squats.  He is also anti weight machines, like Nautilus stuff.  He says that it’s too stable and it forces you to only use ONE muscle group.  If you do exercises with free weights then it forces you to use your whole body to stablize.  It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. 

He finds new ways for me to be sore the morning after each session.  That’s good.  Sore means I DID something.  I really enjoyed today’s session even though I got a bit dizzy a couple times.  Damned that dizziness.  I’m looking forward to being in better shape so that I don’t get dizzy when I’m really exerting myself.

I’ve had my eating under control again for 4 days now.  It feels much better to be in control (duh) but I’m not sure why I let it go for a bit there.  It wasn’t full blown gone but definitely way too lax.  Now, I’ve tightened it up and am happier when in control.

And the milestone:  I just bought a pair of size 14 jeans!  Holy Mackeral!  I haven’t worn a 14 in probably 8 years. I am stoked!  I need a body shaper, though.  Things are bit lumpy in the abdominal region….getting a bit of muffin top, LOL.  But 16’s are just too loose and slip off my hips and I’m constantly hiking them up. So 14’s it is.