203.4lbs!  I managed to get past my 204lb hump!  I am so proud of myself.  I can almost taste 199!  Seeing that “1” in the front instead of a 2 will be SO amazing.  New progess pics when I hit 30lbs lost–so just 1 more pound.

I also hired a personal trainer today.  I think this is going to be the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.  I was getting to a point of boredom and not really knowing what to do.  And if you’ve read my last handful of posts, I’ve been yo-yo-ing around the 205lb mark.  It was time.  I’ve been kicking it around since I started this change, though.

His name is Fred.  Coincidentally, he’s only 2 weeks older than I am and was born on my late father-in-law’s birthday.  (I find this interesting because my FIL’s death has been a big motivator for me in this journey) And let me tell you, he was kicking my butt in 5 minutes of work compared to the piddly stuff I’d been doing on my own. Oy, the squats!  I’ve signed up for 10 hour-long sessions stretched over 5 weeks.  The best part of the whole session and what sold me on a personal trainer was the stretching!  I get to just lay there and have someone stretch my tired muscles for 10 minutes! Totally great–and I can tell I’m not as sore even though I did way more work than normal.  Well, ask me again in the morning but for now I feel great.  God, if he only did footrubs and massages………

My husband has been really great–totally supportive even though the trainer isn’t cheap.  I love that man.

Tomorrow night is girls’ night.  This month was my choice and I’ve decided to hit a “hibachi” type place.  I figured it will be fun to watch our food be cooked and I’ll be able to order something healthier since I know how it’s all prepared.  I am really looking forward to seeing my girlfriends–they are just a great group of gals who are proud of me and happy for my success.  What more can a girl ask for?