That’s what a friend’s mother told me on Saturday.  It’s hard to convey her tone in writing, but she meant it in the best possible way–that she can see my new self-confidence.  She was a bit, uh, intoxicated, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on her wording, LOL.  And she’s not the only one who is noticing changes in me.  Another friend told me that my whole attitude is different–that I say “yes” when I used to say “no.”  And just 5 minutes ago, my BFF commented on my “whole new willpower.”

Brianne–she is a-changin’

My first reaction to many comments is defensiveness.  Like it’s bad to change or something.  Which is really ridiculous because I started this whole freak show TO change!  Maybe it’s a societal thing or maybe a me thing, but I feel like I shouldn’t change who I am essentially.  I want to say to people–I’m the same, just improved!  Maybe I need a label like processed foods:  New and Improved-Zero Trans Fats!

Yes, my body is changing and I am engineering that change quite purposefully.  My mind is changing, too.  I get the whole connection that a healthy body goes hand-in-hand with a healthy mind. Maybe I thought I knew that before, but I didn’t. 

Wanna hear something really funny?  People think I know everything about weight-loss now.  I find it so funny because I feel like I’m kinda sweating along, lifting a few pounds.  I’m no personal trainer by any means; in fact, I should hire one for myself!  But people keep asking me my “secret.” Today, I helped a friend of a friend at the gym–just showed her what I do.  I found myself giving about a million disclaimers about  my aptitude and expertise.  It really felt like the blind leading the blind because I have so, SO much more to learn about fitness, routines and health in general and don’t feel qualified to offer much.

With all that said, I do want to help people be healthy and happy because it’s made a big difference in my life already.  I don’t mind inspiring people to change what they don’t like about themselves.  But I’m still a bit reluctant since it’s all still so new to me, too.