Now that I’ve lost a nice chunk of weight, lots of people are noticing.  And you know what?  I freaking love it!  I love that my hard work is being appreciated and recognized.  It’s like cooking a homemade lasagna–I love the look on my hub’s face after the first bite.  It’s nice.  I’ve read that the attention makes some weight-losers uncomfortable.  And I’ll admit that the flip side of the compliments is the knowledge (or reiteration) that I was unhealthy and not at my most attractive.  But still, I’m basking in the glory, LOL. 

It’s good for motivation, too.  I don’t want to let these well-wishers down. Today at the gym, I really put some oomph into it.  I want to make my Halloween goal, darnit!  I’ve got a cool costume planned that would NEVAH have worn last year.  It’s feminine without being slutty.  I’ll save slutty for next year–HA!  Once I get my costume made (’cause I’m pretty crafty) I’ll post pics. Last year, i was pregnant and wore my mom’s scrubs and accessories.  So basically, I was as shapeless as possible.  Not this year, though……….