No loss, but no gain.  Still at 216.  Le sigh.


But I know what did me in. Keebler Rainbow Deluxe chocolate chip cookies–you know, the ones with M&M’s on top?  yeah.  Not the best idea I ever had.  It’s like if I KNOW they are there, I have a truly difficult time leaving them alone.  And if I have one, fuhgettaboutit.  1=4 cookies.

Today, the cookies are finally gone (whew!) and I’m already doing much better.  Still, I am disappointed in the choices I made.  I WILL do better this week.

You may have noticed that I don’t journal.  I may be the only WWer who doesn’t.  Right now I get 38pts.  But as I start decreasing my point intake, I might find it more helpful to journal.

Hmmmm….maybe I need to be doing that now to hold myself more accountable. If I have to write it down, maybe it will be more real?  hmmmm….I don’t know WHY I’m so resistant to the idea of journaling.