Last night was my ultrafabulous Girls’ Night.  I had so, so much fun.  Laughter nearly every minute.  I love those women so much–their friendship is beyond value to me.

The food was delicious while I eating it.  So was the Turtle Cheesecake at the coffee shop.  But man, was I miserably full.  Almost sick with it, really.  What’s so strange to me is that getting miserably full used to be the goal much of the time, especially if I was eating out.  Not so much anymore.  I have a freaking hangover and I only had 1/2 a bellini–it’s totally from sugar/carb overload.  Ugh–I even had to take a pain reliever.  And the icing on the cake or the lemon butter sauce on the pasta, as it were, is that the scale isn’t happy with me.  I won’t post an official weigh-in until Monday and I KNOW I shouldn’t step on the scale every morning.  But let’s just say, I’ll be hitting the workouts this weekend.

Exercise is actually becoming more fun.  I scheduled the Intro to Personal Training at the Y.  I think they call it Microfit.  I hope I “gel” with the trainer.  I’m really interested in circuit training–it seems like it wouldn’t get boring too quickly, but I’m not even really sure what it is.  Gotta Google that.