I went sports bra shopping tonight (and can I just say, ugh) and I’ve gone down nearly 2 band sizes!  Whoot!  The bad news is that I’m a 40G at Lane Bryant. Those are some tig ol’ bitties!  LOL!  I am hesitant to spend the money on the Enell since I’ve already changed from a 44DDD.  Plus, it’s not that pretty, is it?

But exercise is almost becoming a hazard these days with a too-large bra!  Oh, the chafing is so irritating!  I managed to find one suitable candidate at Belk.  The Champion Powerback Underwire Sports Bra.  Why don’t they just call it the Major Act of Engineering Sports Bra–that would probably be more accurate.  There is probably more technology in a large-size sports bra that NASA used to land Apollo 11 on the moon!

I ordered the Champion Powersleek Bra last week and hopefully it will fit.  Now I’m afraid it will be too big and exchanges by mail totally suck–it’s easier to just order another and send the old as a return. Yes, I was totally sucked in by the great name and traditional sports bra look of the Powersleek.

UPDATE: The Powersleek isn’t going to work. Way too much bounce and a REALLY unattractive silhouette. Think sideways ovals rather than roundness.  Very, very bad.  Guess I’m ordering the Powerback after all.