Okay, so I knew I hadn’t lost much weight, so I’m happy with a 1.5lbs loss.  That takes my total up to 16lbs gone.  I weigh 216.

Dude, I cannot wait to bust the 200lb mark.  I haven’t been below 200 since probably 9th grade!

I also can’t wait to be cute–to be able to dress in cute (not plus size) clothes. 

It’s hard b/c my mental self is ready but my body can’t keep up with that ridiculous lightening speed.  It’s okay.  I WILL do this.

I am scheduling the intro to Personal Training next week.  Hopefully, I’ll like the guy.  I’m trying to decide between 10 half-hour sessions or 10 hour sessions.  I’m leaning towards the hour sessions right now.  I really need to understand more about free weights and core exercises.  Once I get that inevitable tummy tuck, I want there to be some muscle under there!

Progess pics to come when I hit the 20lbs loss mark, so stay tuned!