Okay, I’ve not had my official weigh-in–that occurs on Monday, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t lost as much weight as my previous 3 weeks.  And that was by design.  I have to confess though; it kinda sucks.  I know I’m going to be a bit disappointed when I step on the scale and only see 1lb (hopefully) of loss.

Part of me feels like i need to “seize the moment” and lose as many pounds possible ASAP because success may be fleeting.  As much as I’ve embraced this new lifestyle of mine, there is a tiny voice in my head saying, “yeah, right.  Like you are *actually* going to reach you goals.”  Ugh. It’s bad enough I have to fight not to eat 1/2 a bag of Fritos, but fighting that inner voice can be exhausting some days.

I am happy to report that there’s a new voice running around in that head of mine.  This one tells me things like, “Fritos will still exist when you’re thin.” and, “Five more minutes on the elliptical won’t kill you.”  and my personal favorite, “You are gonna look so hot one day!”  I’m digging this new perspective–maybe it will drown out the old one……


In other news, I have a Girls’ Night Out coming up on Thursday.  I’m superstoked and I’m working out extra to justify the calories I’ll be consuming.  My best friend reminded me that they have a “light” menu at the restaurant.  I won’t repeat what I told her so as to not offend, but suffice to say, on Girls’ Night, I am NOT interested in light dining.  I do need to formulate a plan so I don’t go completely nuts, though.  Jeez, it’s an Italian place, too.  Butter and white flour pasta and olive oil on EVERYTHING.  If anyone out there is reading this as has a good suggestion, please let me know.  I do want to endulge a bit but not get food-drunk, yk?  I guess I could do the half in a doggie bag trick….and then let Hubs eat the leftovers…….