Down 4.5lbs!  Whoot again! I’m at 217.5lbs.

I’m acutally going to have to eat more food, slow progress a bit,  since I’m breastfeeding my infant daughter.  It seems like my milk supply has dwindled a bit and that’s so not good.  Breastfeeding is a priority to me.

Let’s see.  I’m supposed to eat 38 pts. a day and I’ve been eating between 30-38 per day on average.  I really need to eat ALL the points especially since i do nearly 3hrs a week of hard exercise.  I don’t WANT to lose too much too fast.  A pound a week has always been my goal and while blowing my goal out of the water feels awesome, it’s just unsustainable. 

So my goal for this week is to eat all my points everday.  The babygirl needs it!