So Tuesday was a ridiculous day, points-wise.  I won’t list all the offensenses (of which there were many) but the worst–A Milky Way Dark.  It was good; I won’t lie.  BUT–Jeez, does there always have to be a but? That sucker sent me into a sugar rush, followed by a sugar crash and then the munchies. And thanks to the munchies I went WAY over my points.  I was battling a lot of self-talk, too.  I kept hearing a little voice saying the day was shot anyways, why not go all out?  Ugh….I’m trying.

 Sugar is so freaking evil!  Why is that when it tastes so good?  Why can’t pig testicles be the devil?  or banana peels?

But you know what? (chicken butt!–okay, excuse the 1st grade humor there) I pulled myself up by the ol’ bootstraps on Wednesday.  I ate well and worked out harder than usual.  I didn’t plan to work out harder than usual but I tried a new machine that kicked my boo-tay.  A month ago, a bad day would have sabotaged the whole lifestyle.  A bit more progess.

A friend who joined me at the Y said that she was proud of me.  That was so nice to hear because I’m so proud of myself.