I’ve got a bunch of scatty thoughts in this post……………….


This weekend I was faced with a bout of emotional eating.  My feelings were hurt and I immediately wanted to throw my new way of eating in the crapper.  And as misfortune would have it, I was at a kid’s birthday party–cake, chips, cheese dips and brownie bites. oy.

I’m not going to lie or gloss it over–I probably ate too many points in the form of brownie bites and tortilla chips.  BUT–and this is a big but, I ate far less than I would have a month ago.  A month ago I might have eaten a whole can of Pringles or 4 brownies. I was able to actually slow myself down a little bit and much on fruit and veggies while I processed my hurt feelings.  It’s a bit of progress.  All I can do is keep trying, right?

Another thing that got me down was seeing a former fatty who’s now thinner.  I don’t particularly care for this person (regardless of weight).  And it really pissed me off when I watched her eating all the foods I’m choosing not to eat right now.  See, she had gastric bypass surgery a couple years ago.  And although it may not be true, I feel like she took the easy way out; the lazy way out.  It just chaps my butt because I’m working really hard to reach a similar goal.  But in no way do I want weight-loss surgery!  I have a couple theories about weight-loss surgery that I may share at a later date.

On a more positive note, my husband told a group of people how proud he is of me.  He’s not a very vocal guy, so it’s more of a big deal than it seems.  It’s lovely having his full support.  We’ve been cooking dinner together: he grills, I do the sides.

On another positive note, I got a comment from Roni.  Warning: Dork Alert!  I kinda feel like a famous person commented on my blog! I’ve admired her blog from afar and now it’s a tool for me.  I really respect her journey and appreciate that she took the time to read my blog.

Tomorrow’s my official weigh-in.  Wish me luck!